Ecokayan Dilijan Resort Hotel

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Welcome to Ecokayan Dilijan Resort Hotel - a unique place in Armenia, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city and relax in a soothing atmosphere, enjoying the serene nature and breathtaking views of Dilijan. The spa resort town of Dilijan, its lush forests, snow-capped mountains and vast alpine meadows are always in the spotlight of travelers visiting Armenia.


Ecokayan Dilijan Resort Hotel offers comfortable rooms, open-air leisure and activities for tourists and adventure seekers. Organic products, traditional and modern entertainment options, various master classes and workshops, interesting events - everything to make your stay at Ecokayan an unforgettable experience.

Reunite with the mesmerizing nature of Dilijan and relax in the serene atmosphere at Ecokayan, enjoying the fresh mountain air and the mountainous landscapes.

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Ecokayan Dilijan Resort Hotel.

Ecokayan Dilijan Resort Hotel

So, you are here, for new and remarkable impressions, warm memories and relaxed vacation. You are on the right path. Please take a road to Ecokayan Dilijan Resort Hotel and you will find yourself in a tranquility and peace, in an amazing environment adjoining wildwoods of Dilijan National Park, in an exceptional hotel, amongst the Armenia hotels, with the picturesque nature and quiet, cordial family atmosphere throughout the entire domain. It will feel like you are visiting a grand parents' country side bucolic home with a splendid design of traditional Armenian wooden lodge and truly nice modern accommodations.

You will live in a lovely lush, green, wooded valley up in the hills above Dilijan, in the amazing piece of heaven, with unmatched beautiful landscapes, magnificent pure air and natural live music of the babbling Hawk brook, in the perfect place to relax and detach from everything. And you know what, this beautiful oasis of silence and nature is not far from the Dilijan center just take an half an hour relaxed walk through the road passing National Park forest, and you are in.