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​Are You an Adventure Lover? Welcome to Armenia!

Skiing in the mountains of Armenia / Photo: Gevorg Gasparyan

​Are You an Adventure Lover? Welcome to Armenia!

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If you love adventure tourism, then Armenia is the country, where you can find adventures in all 4 seasons of the year. Armenia is located in north-eastern part of Armenian Highland, surrounded with numerous massifs. The highest peak in Armenia is Aragats with 4090m height. It has the biggest crater of the region, surrounded with four peaks, the northern peak is the highest.

If you love hiking, from May you will have the opportunity to hike on the trails with up to 2500m height, admiring the blossoming mountains and prairies, endless fields of snowdrops, enjoying the music of the rivers and waterfalls, accompanied by the birds’ singing. Starting from this month, each week you will have the opportunity to see different views with transforming, unique nature. The blossoming and transforming period of the sights lasts until the end of June, after which the multi-day hiking tours via high mountain ranges become available for the hikers.

Adventure tourism and hiking tours in Armenia

Adventurous hike in Armenia / Photo: Gevorg Gasparyan

Geghama Mountains, with 65km length and 35km width, are one of the most appealing for trekking. Geghama mountain range has numerous volcanic peaks, many of which have volcanic lakes. The most famous peak is the highest peak of the range – Azhdahak (3597m). During hiking, you will see blooming prairies, small rivers and picturesque lakes, which convert the range to a marvelously beautiful place. The biggest and most famous lakes are Lake Akna and Lake Vank. The surroundings of these lakes are also comfortable for camping with tents. On the elevation of 3000 meters you will see a great number of petroglyphs, which date back to 8th-6th millennium BCE. Petroglyphs can be seen also in the mountains of Vardenis, Tsghuk mountain range, where the most famous destination is the Ughtasar mountain.

If you have heard that August is an extremely hot month in Armenia, try multi-day hiking and camping in Geghama or other mountains with low quality sleeping bag, and you will feel how frosty August can be in Armenia.

Trekking and hiking tours in Armenia

Trekking in the mountains / Photo: Gevorg Gasparyan

Interesting biking trails with ups and downs wait for the enthusiast bikers. The mountainous landscape motivates to ride up and down all the time on the roads. You can ride your bike, passing through old villages, tasting organic village products. People in Armenia are very hospitable: do not be surprised, if each time you enter a village or stop by the nearest spring, locals approach you and offer to taste fruits, lavash, cheese, etc. In some communities you will also be offered to taste the local home-made vodka, praising its purity and health benefits. The most adventurous bikers may take a ride on mountain trails, which will make it possible to ride 3-7 days non-stop with overnight stay in a different village each time.

Mountain bike tours in Armenia

Mountain biking in Armenia / Photo: Gevorg Gasparyan

Autumn is very beautiful in Armenia. The second and third weeks of October are worth to be mentioned: during these weeks, the forest area is colored in red, green and yellow. Do not forget your raincoat, as it rains quite often in Autumn. At the same time, if you are lucky enough to appear in a forested area during foggy weather, from time to time you will have a chance to see the mist seas formed in the gorges, which give the nature a mysterious beauty.

From December, Armenia is ready to welcome the winter tourism activity lovers. The skiing resort cities in Armenia are Jermuk and Tsaghkadzor. If you love ski touring, welcome to Armenia starting from mid-January till the end of March. During this period, the following mountains will be available for ski touring – Ara, Hatis, Teghenis, Sevsar, Muradsar, Ishkhanasar and others. Ski touring on Aragats mountain is possible till May.

If you love altitude, paragliding is available in Armenia the whole year. I advise you to at least once fly above the Lake Sevan and enjoy its unique beauty.

Off-road tours in Armenia - adventure and hiking activities in Armenia

Another great day for off-road adventure / Photo: Gevorg Gasparyan

Those who love off-roading activities, will have the opportunity to admire the nature and charm of high mountains. In many villages, you will find off-road cars from 1970’s, which will take you to the mountains safely, despite their age, lack of air conditioning system, and appearance. More fastidious tourists can find professional agencies organizing off-road tours and drive for days.

Along with all this, you will see ancient cities, temples, churches, monuments, which will fill your impressions with spectacular cultural colors and will make your trip unforgettable.

Actively communicate with local people: the nature, temples, cross-stones and museums and other sightseeing destinations of Armenia are very interesting, but the biggest treasure of our country are the people.

Approach everything with humor. Humor is also one of the biggest advantages of local people.