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​  Winter is Coming: Top 8 Coffeeshops and Tea Houses  to Warm Up at in Yerevan

Up for cup of tea or coffee in Yerevan? / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

​ Winter is Coming: Top 8 Coffeeshops and Tea Houses to Warm Up at in Yerevan

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Autumn is here now with the entire country bursting in the warm colors of red and orange. But autumns are short in Armenia and the “winter is coming”… It’s getting chilly outside and the season is here for a hot cup of coffee or tea to warm up after your walk in the capital Yerevan.

Below find our recommendations for the best coffeeshops and tea houses in the city.


Tea Art - Chinese tea shop in Yerevan, Armenia

Visit Tea Art for Chinese tea ceremonies / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Tea Art is a specialized tea shop and showroom, which also organizes tea ceremonies and workshops (check out their event section on Facebook). They import 150 varieties of teas and around 30 varieties of coffees from 22 specialized countries of the world, including China, India, Japan, Tanzania, Thailand, African countries and many others. Their assortment is wide and you can find and purchase anything from Armenian traditional locally produced tea varieties to Chinese “Puerna” 48-year-old aged teas (be ready to pay AMD 45,000 (USD 100) for 200g for this one) and even the famous Da Hong Pao. The specialized shop also offers African roy bush teas, which do not contain caffeine, as well as Ayurveda Karma herbal teas. Find them at Vardanants 5 or call (+374 10) 524056.


Coffeeshop Company - coffeeshop in Yerevan, Armenia

Try Viennese Iced Mocaccino at Coffeeshop Company / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

A franchise of the famous Austrian company, Coffeeshop Company already has two branches in Yerevan out of 300 around the world. The first of their coffee houses in Armenia opened in 2013 to offer 100% arabica coffee varieties that are imported directly from Vienna and are now getting ready to open the 3rd one. Out of all the branches all over the world, Yerevan Coffeeshop Company branch boasts the best and most diverse kitchen to go along with their specializes coffees. The most popular drink here is the Viennese Iced Mocaccino, so be sure to try it. You can find them at 5/4 Amiryan Street or near the intersection of Teryan and Northern Avenue. Call them at (+374 11) 263-333.


The Green Bean - coffeshop and eco friendly cafe in Yerevan, Armenia

The Green Bean is an eco-friendly non-smoking coffeeshop in Yerevan / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

The Green Bean strictly adheres to the eco-friendliness concept and allows no smoking inside. Being established in 2012, It offers a wide variety of coffeeshop assortment, including mocha, latte, cappuccino, delicious sandwiches and desserts. This is also a great spot to get some work done in a calm and easy atmosphere. Find them at 10 Amiryan or 38 Isahakyan streets or call at (+374 91) 529-279.



Baguette & Co. offers a wide variety of coffee and desserts / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Baguette & Co. is another non-smoking coffeeshop and bakery in Yerevan. The moment you enter, your eyes are pleased with the beautiful display of all types of cookies, sandwiches, muffins, and freshly baked artisan breads. The coffee selection is wide to choose from. The service is fast, the atmosphere is great and the place is very child-friendly. Find them at 20 Abovyan or call at (+374 11) 202-299.


Vafe Vergnano - coffee shop in Yerevan, Armenia

Visit Cafe Vergnano for Italian coffee / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Vergnano is the representative of Italian coffee producer Vergnano in Armenia. It imports all its coffees from the Italian producer that has been in the market since 1882. The branch in Armenia was the 52nd to open worldwide among over a 100 that offer the production of the company. The customer’s favorite here is double espresso, so check it out. Besides a variety of coffees and teas, you can also purchase coffee-making equipment here, such as the beautifully designed Vergnano moka-pots to make your favorite beverage at home. Find them at 2 Hin Yerevantsi Street or call at (+374 98) 532-533.


Natura Gold - tea house in Yerevan, Armenia

Natura Gold offers over 150 tea varieties / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Natura Gold is a specialized tea house and tea shop, where you can not only purchase, but also try teas from a variety of over 150 imported from the best tea-producing countries in the world. A wide selection of black, extra black, green, fruit teas, white and oolong teas, as well as beautiful cups, tea-pots and other equipment is available here. Find it at 11 Abovyan Street or call (+374 10) 560-675.


Le Petit Paris - cafe in Yerevan, Armenia

Try special blends Valery and Parajanov at Le Petit Paris / Photo: Viktorya Mirzoyan

Little Paris has been in operation since 1995, offering coffee varieties imported directly from Cameroon, Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil and other countries. This is a favorite hangout for the local intelligentsia. In addition to the outside patio, the place features two floors of indoor space, as well as the newly opened beautifully designed underground section. Their most famous coffee is Parisian #5 of 100% Arabica. You can also try their specialized company blends Valery and Parajanov here. Find them at 23/1 Abovyan Street.


HaldiCo - Colombian coffee house in Yerevan, Armenia

Haldi.Co serves high quality coffee from Colombia / Photo: Courtesy of Haldi.Co

Haldi.Co offers an assortment of high quality coffee produced exclusively in Colombia, as well as spicy chocolates, cookies and nice and warm vibes. Here you can both purchase and try their menu and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Find them at 22 Derenik Demirchyan Street or call (+374 96) 186-001.

Armenians love a good cup of coffee spiced up with friendship and smiles. We hope you join in to this beautiful tradition and take warm memories and maybe a pack of hearty coffee or tea back home with you to prolong the fun.